A dashboarding solution to collaborate and easily view your Microsoft Power BI business reports.

Easily view your business reports and start collaborating.

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Does your company use Power BI? Webdashboard is the perfect fit; it has additional functionality and is low-priced.

Webdashboard is an online portal to easily view your Business Intelligence (Power BI) reports. You can collaborate on BI reports in separate work-spaces. Easily manage users per work-space while respecting viewing rights per user. Adopt your company’s brand to the portal.

Webdashboard is offered in packages for a different number of users for a fixed price per month.

Webdashboard has been designed to simplify the daily usage of BI reports. It was built on 3 pillars: insights, simplicity & collaboration.


Webdashboard provides you with insights from your business data through business reports. Bring your data alive and start making reports with powerful report builders. Upload your reports to Webdashboard and off you go! Need help building reports? We can help, check our consultancy service.

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Webdashboard makes it easy to view business reports within your teams:

  • Categorize your reports with ease
  • No menus or buttons you will never use
  • Easy online collaboration
  • Easy customization to your brand
  • Easy to purchase


Webdashboard has a built-in collaboration app, enabling you to collaborate with your team.



Are you satisfied with the results?


I am very satisfied with the results shown in this report, well done.


Great! On to our next target.


Packed with features to support your business teams.


Show your Power BI reports with Cloud- or On-Premise data

Work-spaces & priorities

Manage work-spaces to reflect your business information priorities

Users & Groups

Manage Custom- or Active Directory- users & groups


Collaborate with your team members on business reports


Adapt the portal to your house style

Portal Insights

Audit and monitor the activity in your portal

View your reports on any device

Webdashboard has been designed for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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