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A dashboarding solution to collaborate and easily view your Microsoft Power BI business reports.

Easily find, view and share Power BI reports,
with anyone, with your corporate identity on point

Organize | Share | Brand

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Webdashboard is the Power-up for your Power BI environment!
It’s not a replacement but it adds all the vital features you never knew you needed!

Webdashboard is a platform to easily view your Power BI reports; through an online portal, mobile app or embedded in the application of your choice. You can collaborate on BI reports in separate workspaces. Easily manage users per workspace while respecting viewing rights per user. Adopt your company’s identity with many customization and branding options.

Webdashboard is offered for as many users as you need for a fixed price per month, yet scalable to your likings and needs at any time.

Webdashboard has been designed to simplify the daily usage of BI reports. It was built on 3 pillars: organizing, sharing & branding.


Finding your report should not be done by manually searching through a long, (if even) alphabetically sorted list for the report’s name, guessing whether the report even exists.
Grouping reports logically and making visual and intuitive links to reports are vital for a successful BI presentation platform. An important part of our vision for an ideal portal is that a report is a maximum of two clicks away, with only the absolute minimum of complexity around a report that could distract the end-user.

No unnecessary functions | Webdashboard
No unnecessary functions | Webdashboard


A report is not created for one person, but for a target audience, either inside or outside the organization. There can be no limitations to whom you want to share the report with. This also applies to security. The security configuration has to be simple to manage for internal / external sharing and embedding.


The brand is an important part of the corporate identity, yet its value is often underestimated. It’s important for the internal, but especially the external positioning of your company.

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Packed with features to support your business teams. Click the individual keywords for in-depth videos on each feature.


Show your Power BI reports with Cloud- or On-Premise data

Work-spaces & priorities

Manage work-spaces to reflect your business information priorities

Users & Groups

Manage Custom- or Active Directory- users & groups


Collaborate with your team members on business reports


Adapt your portal to your corporate brand identity

Portal Insights

Audit and monitor the activity in your portal

View your reports when and where you want

Webdashboard has been designed for mobile and desktop.

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